Biennial Product Show
October 24th, 2023 at the Best Western Royal Plaza Trade Center Marlborough, MA

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The ASPE Boston chapter will be hosting this year's Biennial Product Show at The Royal Plaza Trade Center on Tuesday, October 24, 2023. 

Registration is open. Additional seminar information will be distributed as the event date approaches.

Address: 181 Boston Post Rd, Marlborough, MA 01752

2023 Product Show Technical Sessions



As we get closer to the October 24th date, the excitement for the ASPE Boston Product show has increased tremendously.  The day will start at 11am with 13 technical sessions. We are offering a free shuttle bus service from South Station directly to the Trade Center. This service is round trip and will be operating from 10 AM until the close of the show. An email with the shuttle bus schedule was sent out to all ASPE members. If you have not received this email, please contact us ASAP. We will have (4) tracks for the technical sessions. Track 1 (AIA), Track 2 (AYP), Track 3 (Life Sciences), Track 4 (Sustainability), Track 5 (Forum).

The followings are the session descriptions:


Track 1 (AIA)

Water efficient Strategies for Commercial Plumbing (AIA & CEU ACREDITED COURSES)

Presenter: Rob Grome LEED AP from Urell Inc          


Water Efficiency Strategies for Commercial Plumbing is an AIA Health Safety and Welfare, IDCEC, presentation that is also listed with the USGBC, and covers:

1.Test procedures used by manufacturers to ensure high efficiency products deliver high performance. Impact of MaP test scores and WaterSense listing.

2.How federal, state, and local guidelines impact the selection of high efficiency plumbing products

3.LEED baseline changes and strategies for additional water use reduction

4.How new product design impacts performance and consumption Latest technologies in water efficient fixtures


The Many Benefits of Barrier-Free Showers                (AIA & CEU ACREDITED COURSES)

Presenter: Mike Rizzuto from Infinity Drain

Learning Objectives

Describe the connection between barrier-free showers and the design objectives of aging in place or living in place.

Explain how barrier-free shower spaces comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) design standards.

Identify the basic elements and considerations for incorporating this more accessible barrier-free shower into a new construction or renovation project.

Specify the right linear drain system for any given project.


Exploring the "Well Building” standard                       (AIA & CEU ACREDITED COURSES)

Presenter: Paul Sambanis from Sloan          

This course will explore v2 of the WELL Building Standard and how commercial restroom products can help designers achieve WELL v2 Certification. We will identify the plumbing industry's role in health and wellness and how reducing water consumption in commercial restrooms impacts the health and well-being of building occupants.




Track 2 (AYP)

pH Neutralization systems

Presenter: Paul Galvin from GF Piping Systems          

This seminar is designed as an introductory course for engineers/designers with limited experience pH Neutralization systems design and/or those seeking more understanding on design of systems they may have already specified and called out in past project engineering.       

  • Knowledge of Codes/Standards and Clients' Facility Protocols
  • Understanding how to properly approach their client with regards to determining the best water quality option for the project
    • The different methods of stormwater detention
    • Design considerations 
    • Determining impact area and flow
    • Inflow and outlet structures
    • Underground storage and water reuse options
      • Heat Pump Technology Overview
      • Heat Pump Water Heater Design
      • Factors Affecting Domestic Hot Water System Design
      • Equipment applications and sizing



Booster pump systems and sizing for domestic water

Presenter: Dan Duduka from VC Systems                   

This course will cover the proper selection of domestic water booster pumps for your projects. As well as calculating pump capacity and heads, selecting piping system, variable speed vs. constant speed, operational location, proper installation, electrical and controls.


PRV Systems and Design 

Presenter: Pat Donnelly from Cla-Val


This presentation will go over the fundamentals of pressure reducing valves and systems including the roots of overpressure, the two types of water pressure reducing valves, methods of pressure relief, and applicable industry codes, standards, and practices.

Track 3 (Life Sciences)

NFPA99 - Changes in Medical Gas and Vacuum Systems from the 2012-2021 Editions

Presenter: Dan Sullivan from BeaconMedaes.

Provide an understanding of the NFPA99 standard as it pertains to medical gas piping systems and equipment regarding the latest 2021 edition.  Provide background on the history and advise how the 99 standard becomes enforceable.

Advise on the most significant changes in the 2021 NFPA99 standard that could affect decision making on current systems and future projects in existing and/or new healthcare facilities that utilize piped medical gas systems. Major changes will be discussed from the 2015 and 2018 editions with an emphasis on the changes between 2018 and 2021 editions.

Introduce the enhanced role of the Responsible Facility Authority that the 2021 edition of NFPA99 defines in more detail.  This will likely become the most significant enhancement to Hospitals and Surgery Centers as the 2021 NFPA 99 standard becomes enforceable in the future. Awareness of this entity is needed so that facilities can lay the groundwork now for this position to be formed and individuals are properly prepared and trained.


CDA: Lab/Medical Air Systems     

Presenter: Robert Littman from Air energy.


Types, Advantages and disadvantages of different technologies, Control and power implications, Air Treatment. Desiccant vs Refrigerant, dispel common drying myths, Cost implications, Dew point discussion, Storage, Where and how much are needed, Cost, Power and pressure.


High Purity Water for Healthcare                

Presenter: Brian Soderholm from Water Control Inc                    

This presentation will focus on changes that have occurred in the last five years to some of the standards which affect water purification systems for healthcare applications: in particular, water for sterilization and water for medical testing.  The standards have become more stringent, and now are forcing Engineers to design more complex equipment to purify the water.



Track 4 (Sustainability)


Stormwater Detention/Retention System Design

Presenter: Russ Jackson – Rain Harvest Systems

Russ Jackson’s presentation for the Boston ASPE Technical Meeting will provide an in-depth explanation of the rainwater harvesting water quality end use tiers, treatment requirements, and treatment technologies prescribed in the ICC/CSA 805 document as related to commercial rainwater harvesting systems.

In Stormwater Detention/Retention System Design, you will learn…



Heat Pump Water Heaters

Presenter: Ryan Brown from WATTS/Aegis

This course will cover an in-depth look into the design of heat pump water heaters and their applications.



Water Sense Program        (0.1 CEU Credit)

Presenter: Lynn Gilleland from the Boston office of the EPA                        

An overview of the program and highlight fixtures and equipment that are included in the program. Find out how using WaterSense labeled and ENERGY STAR qualified products in areas can significantly reduce your facility operating costs. Discover tools and resources created by EPA's WaterSense program to help keep water waste under control.



Track 5 (Forum)


Open forum meeting with the Plumbing Inspectors  

Presenter:  Kenneth Peterson (Executive Director) and Mike Guida (Board Code Consultant) from The Board of State Examiners of Plumbing and Gas Fitters  

This forum will focus on all the plumbing changes and amendments which have been enacted by the Plumbing Board. The plumbing Board members will be prepared to go over any plumbing related questions or concerns you may have related to the code.